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Voter: '..' | IP: '..' hyipexplorermon
Voter: '..' | IP: '..' excellentmonito
Voter: '..' | IP: '..' excellentmonito
Voter: '..' | IP: '..' hyipexplorermon
Voter: '..' | IP: '..' excellentmonito
Voter: '..' | IP: '..' hyipexplorermon
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Program Name:

Status: Doubtful
Website: Website Here - Whois Info
Forum: Forum Here
Program Description:
"Pro HYIP Secrets Revealed: Our Simple Step-By-Step Guide Is Guaranteed To Help You Stop Losing Your Hard Earned Dollars In Fly-By-Night HYIP's...
Even If You've Just Started Out And You Wouldn't Know A Real HYIP If It Knocked On Your Door And Asked You Out For Dinner!"

"HYIP101 is by far the closest thing to a complete HYIP guide I have ever seen...
Whether you are new to the HYIP arena, or have been investing for years, this ebook has a ton of useful information for you. I had a lot of fun reading about the various hyip programs of the past, and even learned a lot of useful information myself. If you are going to spend money on any ebook or hyip resource, then this should be the one."

Brian (The number 1 public HYIP forum online)

From The Desk Of: Paul Bulford & Peter Claridge
Date: Friday, August 17, 2007
Re: How Can I Stop Losing My Shirt On These F%*!ing HYIP's And Finally Start Making Some Real Money

"I can't express how much I love this ebook and its bonus information...

If you have been losing at HYIPs this is a must read. If you have not been losing at HYIPs this is still a must read. And on top of explaining how to get profit from HYIPs they give you solid suggestions on where to invest. The bonus material is GREAT."


Dear Fellow HYIP Investor,

So... somehow you came across HYIP (High Yield Investment Programs) sites and thought your money troubles were over... well I'm sure you've since discovered it's not quite that simple, right?

With so many shysters, scammers, charlatans, conmen, quacks, swindlers, frauds & fakes all trying to part you from your hard earned $$$'s, playing the HYIP arena on your own is like walking naked through a minefield in a pair of size 12's!

Danger is lurking around every corner and unless you know the rules of the game, you could be eaten alive! It really is a jungle out there, but with the right tools, you can glide through it with very few cuts & bruises!

Now For The Good News...
With The Help Of HYIP101 You'll Learn Exactly How And Where To Invest Your e-Gold Online...
This Guide Will Save You A Fortune, Teach You What It Took Us Years To Learn, And Have You Investing In HYIPs Like A Pro In No Time

You CAN make money from HYIP's, but as with everything in life you need the right INFORMATION

HYIP101 will take you by the hand and show you how to stop lining the pockets of these cyber-criminals & finally start seeing results from your HYIP investing... no matter what your current experience level, or how many times you've been burned in the past

"I found it just in time before i threw another 35K out the door to learn what I needed to learn, mostly about myself. Amazingly helpful, a very good reference and model, a rarity in this volatile arena. I appreciate your effort and intend to allow others to benefit from your knowledge."

Beate (Happy HYIP101 Member)

That sounds fantastic, but who the hell are you?

Good question... we're two long-time veterans of the HYIP arena and if you've ever visited any of the popular HYIP forums, you'll know us as aceriker (Peter Claridge) & juicy (Paul Bulford)... we both make a full-time income from HYIP's

After initially meeting in late 2003, we kept a close relationship as both of us were basically seeking the same goals... to help people profit from online HYIP's without the lengthy [and expensive] learning curve that we had to endure

We were shocked at the lack of real information available & tired of seeing so many newbies [and even many veterans] make the same mistakes over & over, so we eventually decided to pool our resources & produce a step-by-step guide that even the newest of HYIP newbies will find easy to read, follow and implement

"Hi Peter and Paul,

Having had my hand 'burned on the stove' more than a few times by HYIP scams, I've learned how expensive ignorance can be. It's critical to learn from those that have been there, done that and you guys obviously know what it takes to succeed in this volatile arena and help others save more and make more.

Your ebook is a must read for newbies and veteran HYIPers alike. Thanks for all that you do"


Would you like financial freedom within the next 5 years?

Let me take a wild guess... Of course you would!

You're looking for the easy life, to retire early, spend more time with your family, have the money to buy whatever you like and play golf whenever you want (or whatever it is that floats your boat!)... we all are!
HYIP Can Deliver That Lifestyle!

But right now, you're probably disillusioned after trying numerous HYIP's that promised the earth and gave you hell!! So instead of living the high-life, you find yourself taking one step forward and two steps back!

I'm sure you've tried many different strategies and you just don't know who or what to believe anymore. Well my friend, it doesn't have to be like that...

Imagine being able to critically analyze any HYIP on the internet and know immediately whether it was worth investing into or not.

Once you've read through the HYIP101 guide, you'll know exactly where to invest, and what to avoid. Your 'rock-solid-investments' portfolio will increase dramatically by following the mind blowing information contained in this ebook.

Years of experience with the bible!

I've been in the HYIP scene for quite some time now and I've witnessed both long running programs and big scams. Unwillingly I will confess that I have spent a lot of money in both good and bad programs. The information in the bible would have been helpful to me when making big spends in scam programs.

Like a lot of us I learned this lesson the hard way. After purchasing and reading the bible I?ve asked my self the same thing as Cypher in the Matrix: Why oh why didn't I take the blue pill!

The book is a great asset for all you that are new out there and also to us more experienced HYIP members to use as a reminder and reference when things seem just to good to be true.

Invest the few dollars it cost for membership and learn from other peoples mistakes. With HYIP101 in hand you?re bound to make it back in no time, as it will save you a lot of hard earned cash that would otherwise be spent on scams.


Up to this point, we've assumed that you've already 'dabbled' with HYIP's, but maybe you haven't... It really doesn't matter, in fact, if you've just been looking around & haven't 'dipped your toe in the water' yet, then all the better, the HYIP101 guide will get you up-to-speed & give you an incredible advantage over those that jump in feet first!

And if you are blindly diving into these programs willy-nilly, you'll know just how volatile and risky they can be... One day, a program you consider to be one of your 'bankers' is paying as normal, the next day it's gone! You'd be well advised to STOP and take a look at what HYIP101 can do for you:
Here's What You'll Learn From the HYIP101 Guide:

e-Currencies, what they are and why they're used

The safest places to fund your e-Currency accounts

Tips, tools, resources & strategies for securing your e-currency accounts and why this is an essential part of your HYIP education

An introduction in to HYIP's, what they are, and what you need to know

Ponzi's and what you really need to know

GoldGames - what's the difference

BOM Betting Programs

The SHOCKING truth about them all!

How to REALLY play this online investing game

Due Diligence - methods to use in order to rate a program

True effectiveness of online DD

Strategies - many tried and tested investing strategies

The NEMESIS of all investors - 99% of investors fall victim, be the smart 1% that don't!

Netiquette - Stay polite on the internet!

Golden Rules - The HYIP God has spoken, thou shalt not...

Top Tips - handy hints and tips from the pro's! These guys are doing this for a living, shouldn't you be learning from them?

General HYIP Knowledge

Odds and ends we've collected over the years, including a timeline of all the major events over the last 4 years, and most importantly, who to avoid!

Case Studies - There's no greater teacher than history. Learn these case studies and never fall victim again!

Glossary Of Terms

As you can see, HYIP101 is a comprehensive guide & an essential tool if you plan to invest in the online HYIP arena... this is not some rubbish that has just been 'thrown together', it has evolved over many years to become the reference guide for thousands of HYIP'ers just like you.

It is the knowledge base of everything HYIP, it's the HYIP investors bible, without it, you'll be lost in the wilderness and you will ultimately fall victim to the multitude of scams that pop up daily

"HYIP101 is a very interesting ebook for people who plan to make money online. They will get much useful information about e-Currencies, HYIP basics, ponzi schemes, real programs, gold games & much more. I hope it will help you to avoid scammers in future and make good profit from hyips."


Don't Become 'Just Another Victim' Of The HYIP Cowboys!

HYIP101 will prepare you for what lies ahead in the HYIP field. With it, you are arming yourself with the most comprehensive knowledge that anyone has ever amassed from the HYIP arena. You really can't afford to be without it!

After over 4 years of information gathering, what we have to offer you is not just some rehashed info available from anywhere: it's a definitive knowledge base... an overflowing wealth of information.

Everything that we've collected is included, everything is written up in short, easy to read chapters, from the history of HYIP's, to the unbelievable Gods honest truth about all online HYIP's. We really do 'spill the beans'
"Hi Peter and Paul,

I'm the admin of

Was initially skeptical about your ebook but I ordered it out anyhow. I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality and depth of the content. Great work :)"

Many thanks,

Here's Just A Taste Of What You'll Learn Inside The HYIP101 Guide:
Learn and understand how the HYIP arena really works

Gain a critical advantage over your fellow HYIP 'players'

Make large consistent profits

The truth behind due diligence

How to rate the probability of profiting from ANY HYIP in just a couple of minutes

Earn respect for your knowledge in the forums!

Gain a comprehensive knowledge of the HYIP arena

Instantly learn the exact tell-tale signs that pinpoint which programs are going to last the distance, and which are sure-fire losers!

And much, much more

Okay, I've Heard Enough... What's The Cost For This Incredible Resource?

As I mentioned earlier, this ebook is not some rubbish that has been thrown together. It has evolved over many years to become the reference guide for thousands of HYIP'ers just like you.

But wait, there's more, a whole lot more! Rather than just send you some downloadable ebook & leave you to work the rest out for yourself, with every copy of HYIP101 you receive 1 years access to our exclusive private members site [nobody & I mean NOBODY, but HYIP101 owners will ever be allowed access to the HYIP101 members site]...

This valuable resource alone is worth many times the cost of the HYIP101 guide & will help you continually extend your HYIP knowledge... you'll have experts helping you all the way! Click Here To Order HYIP101 NOW

Let me explain a few of the benefits you'll receive from the members site alone:

Exclusive newsletter with all the latest HYIP news

Packed with essential time saving resources

Constantly updated... the HYIP arena is an ever-changing beast!

Members forum

Suggested investments [including advice on which cyclers / auto-surf paid programs you should be looking at]

Affiliate program - earn 50% commission for every sale you make [the affiliate program is exclusively for HYIP101 owners and comes with stacks of ready made resources to help you start earning quickly!]

Bonus download area

Customer Support

And much, much more

And we haven't finished yet...

Limited-Time, Exclusive Bonuses:

Sign-up to HYIP101 today & not only will you learn how to start investing like a pro... we GUARANTEE you'll receive all of the amazing, Limited-Time Exclusive Bonuses listed below

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