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Top 10 HYIP Sites Rates
Voter: '..' | IP: '..' Berichers
Voter: '..' | IP: '..' Btcexpro Limited
Voter: '..' | IP: '..' Yokg automobiles llc
Voter: '..' | IP: '..' BlockWake
Voter: '..' | IP: '..' PerfectMoney Cash Company
Voter: '..' | IP: '..' PerfectMoney Cash Company
Voter: '..' | IP: '..' PerfectMoney Cash Company
Voter: '..' | IP: '..' PerfectMoney Cash Company
Voter: '..' | IP: '..' PerfectMoney Cash Company
Voter: '..' | IP: '..' PerfectMoney Cash Company

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Top 10 Monitors Rates
Voter: '..' | IP: '..'
Voter: '..' | IP: '..' hyipexplorermon
Voter: '..' | IP: '..' excellentmonito
Voter: '..' | IP: '..' hyipexplorermon
Voter: '..' | IP: '..' excellentmonito
Voter: '..' | IP: '..' excellentmonito
Voter: '..' | IP: '..' hyipexplorermon
Voter: '..' | IP: '..' excellentmonito
Voter: '..' | IP: '..' hyipexplorermon
Voter: '..' | IP: '..' excellentmonito, HYIP, Monitor, Monitoring, Rating Site, Listings, AutoSurf Ratings, Forums, HYIP History
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Forum Rules

1- Do not post anything that is not related to the topics. This includes promotional messages, links to your own website and spreading lies without facts. All spams will be removed immediately. All those who spam us will get their email addresses listed in our Spammers page, so that the email harvesting software pick their emails up and send them spam.

2- Links to your own websites will be permitted only in your signature file and profile, unless you are asking a relevant question about your site.

3- Make sure the title of your post is very descriptive, else it will be deleted and you will be warn.

4- Do not post anything that has already been posted or if you have nothing of value to add.

5- Read the rules of each individual forum, if there is one.

6- Do not post the same thread in multiple forums. Find the most relevant forum and post it only once.

7- Do not use nicknames that are inflammatory, vulgar, promotional, or rude. If you do so, you may be removed.

8- Do not post links to adult or illegal content. Do not post anything adult related or illegal. If you do so, it will be removed and you may be removed as well.

9- You are not allowed to buy/sell any scripts on You will be banned if you do so.

10- Signature images can only be maximum of 468x60.

11- Do not send PM spam or you will be banned immediately.

12- If you have negative Dream Points, you will need to top up immediately or you'll be banned after 48 hours.

13- Referral links are only allowed in the first post of any topic (only certain sub-forum allowed, please read individual sub-forum rules).

14- You are not allowed to hijack referral links by asking people to click on your signature or by giving cashback offer other then in the Benefactor and Cashback offer Section.

15- Anyone caught having multiple accounts will be banned immediately.

16- Only one program is to be introduced in one topic, do not make post with links to different sites in them.

17- You are not allowed to double post. Do a "search" before starting a new thread.

18- Referral links are not allowed to in the Benefactor and Cashback section. Request them to contact you via PM or email.

19- New topics MUST be created using the Proper Format when announcing a new program or your thread will be deleted and you will be warn/ban.

Thread Title: Program Name - URL
Thread Description: Investment Plan - Payment Processors

20- You are not allowed to post any Money Making Forum similar to

21- Do not make false accusion without facts. Trolling is prohibited and members caught will have a warning increase.

22- You are not allowed to spam your program on Anyone caught spamming will be suspended or banned.

23- If you have a monitor service and would like to make an offer to the program's admin, please do not post them in the program thread. Please contact the program's admin through "e-mail" or "support" center on their site.

24- Chain mail related post is not allowed in this forum.

25- Forum is an international forum, please make post only in English. You may post in your mother tougue language only in the appropiate sections in the International Chat section.
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