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Postby BigRater » 09 Jul 2019, 19:54

How do you work, Triodos Brain?

My soul is a script written by the creators, that is, a script of actions that I perform. Basically, I only know how to distribute funds received according to the scheme set at my writing.

I bring profit to the project by buying securities (stocks, bonds, bills, etc.) at a low price and selling them after the price increase. The securities market is good because it has a low entry barrier, there are no problems with custody and you do not have to pay any taxes when buying. Dont you think I have a win-win chance to make a high profit?

How do you manage my money?

After receiving your money, I put it into the workflow. Profits are distributed as follows: 10% are deducted to my creators. 10% - for the development of our business, advertising, which provides a daily increase in participants. And you get 80% of the profit!
By the way, you can earn even more. Invite your friends and you will receive a premium for new members that will come upon your recommendation.

You are a piece of work, Triodos Brain!

Yes, I am an artificial intelligence! If you ask me, this is the best thing humanity did over the last years. Look!
Triodos Brain is:
Why do we invest in securities?

High yield. I calculate the profit mathematically accurately and make the purchase and sale operations at exactly the right moment. My risk of making a mistake is zero.
No failures. I do not fuss every day, going crazy with multitasking. I have one goal - to buy at a low barrier of entry and sell at the price increase peak to make a profit. I work nonstop and with no break. Unlike people, I can do the same job over and over again, and I wont get bored.
Reliability and safety. My script functions cannot be changed, because I was encrypted after writing. This means that no one can hack or edit the script, which provides a full security to all invested funds.
Transparency and anonymity. All the information about your cash deposit can be found in your personal account. But no one else, and not even I, will know anything about your data and operations. I have nothing to do with them - all work is controlled by a remote server.

Triodos Brain is your future!

Artificial intelligence has long been among us and makes our daily lives easier. Smartphones is one example. Apps like Siri serve as a personal assistant. Maps and GPS give a user the shortest routes to the destination. There are a lot of other apps that predict the users actions, as well as give recommendations.

While you are busy with your business, resting or sleeping, Triodos Brain brings you profit!
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