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Airtrust -

PostPosted: 02 Dec 2019, 19:43
by BigRater

Air travel is of great importance to modern society. Civil aviation and commercial flights are growing rapidly, so providing reliable and quality aircraft plays a critical role for the air transportation sector. Our task is to develop advanced technologies used by commercial air transport. The introduction of innovation contributes to long flights, comfortable management, data protection and maximum security. Our engineers are actively working in the following areas:

- modernization of turbine engines;
- improvement of the fuel system;
- software components and control sensors;
- integration of energy conversion systems;
- commissioning of the latest on-board electrical equipment;
- the use of information composites with sensor elements of a new generation for monitoring critical structural deformations.

Advanced technologies produced by the company are patented and applied by well-known aircraft manufacturing companies. Partnership with IT start-ups and the constant search for new solutions ensures stable financial development and favorable investment conditions. Improving the investment policy, the company decided to create a fund to attract new investments with the aim of subsequent financing of high-tech projects. Favorable plans and the convenience of the system provide comfortable cooperation and profit for investors.